Hillstream BioPharma Announces Collaboration with Ardena to Support QUATRAMER Manufacturing

November 4, 2019

Alignment Reinforces Hillstream BioPharma’s Strategy to
Partner with Top-Tier Firms

Chester, NJ – November 4, 2019 – Hillstream BioPharma, Inc. (“Hillstream”) today announced a collaboration with Ardena to secure manufacturing feasibility and capacity for Hillstream’s QUATRAMER portfolio. This includes HSB-1216, a novel formulation of salinomycin encapsulated within the QUATRAMER technology, a potent cancer stem cell inhibitor with initial indications for small cell lung cancer.

“Our strategic collaboration with Ardena represents our continued commitment to produce and provide the highest quality product to patients,” said Randy Milby, president and CEO of Hillstream BioPharma. “We believe HSB-1216 has the potential to address the unmet needs of the small cell lung cancer patient population. To that end, the collaborative relationship with a top tier manufacturer like Ardena aligns with our strategy of partnering with the best collaborators to make meaningful improvements in the lives of these patients.”

“It is truly an honor to work with Hillstream BioPharma’s experienced and motivated team. They are making significant contributions to the treatment of rare cancers,” said Gerjan Kemperman, COO of Ardena’s Chem-Pharm Services. “Our mission is to accelerate drug development and reduce time to clinic and market.”

About QUATRAMER Technology
Hillstream BioPharma’s proprietary QUATRAMER nanoparticle drug delivery technology is an enhanced sustained injectable system enabling novel therapeutics development. Developed by experienced cancer researchers, Hillstream BioPharma is using the technology to develop a pipeline of unique drugs which leverages the platform via directed intranuclear and intracellular delivery of small molecules, peptides, genes, other macromolecules and biologics to the tumor cell, while significantly minimizing exposure to normal tissues.

About Hillstream BioPharma
Hillstream BioPharma Inc. is a near-clinical stage biotechnology company advancing improved therapies for patients with cancer via its proprietary QUATRAMER technology. QUATRAMER technology is a proprietary, enhanced sustained injectable system enabling novel therapeutics development in oncology including immuno-oncology. The company’s pipeline is led by HSB-1216, a unique stem cell inhibitor Salinomycin, delivered via QUATRAMER technology, progressing towards a rapid IND filing process towards a clinical trial in small cell lung cancer (SCLC). The QUATRAMER platform allows Hillstream to build a strong patent estate and seek both FDA Orphan Drug Designation and more rapid FDA review for specific indications. For more information, please visit tharimmune.com.

About Ardena
Ardena is a fully integrated Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization with a core focus on bringing molecules to the clinics. Ardena is industry leader in the development and manufacturing of nanomedicines for clinical trial testing. The Drug Substance and Nanomedicines Unit of Ardena is based in Oss, The Netherlands. The nano-development team, formerly known as ChemConnection, originates from the Merck/MSD (former Organon Biosciences) early phase chemical development activities.

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