Hillstream BioPharma Expands the Scientific Advisory Board with the Addition of Leading Innovator in the Study of Ferroptosis and Cancer, Scott Dixon, Ph.D.

July 13, 2021

World leader in the study of iron mediated cell death (IMCD)/ferroptosis, a novel cell death pathway used by cancer cells especially in drug resistant tumors

Bridgewater, NJ – July 13, 2021 — Hillstream BioPharma, Inc. (“Hillstream”, the “Company”) today announced the expansion of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) with the addition of Scott J. Dixon, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Biology, Stanford University and Faculty Fellow of Stanford’s ChEM-H initiative and Member, Stanford Cancer Institute.

Dr. Dixon, an Associate Professor of Biology at Stanford University, brings a wealth of experience in iron mediated cell death/ferroptosis. Dr. Dixon states, “An important goal is to find new ways to kill cancer cells. One possible approach is to induce ferroptosis, an iron-dependent form of cell death that can be activated in certain cancer cells by tumor suppressor proteins and the immune system. This mechanism is exciting because it is biochemically distinct from apoptosis, and cancer cells that become more resistant to traditional (i.e. apoptosis-inducing) therapies frequently acquire greater sensitivity to ferroptosis. Accordingly, new therapies that induce ferroptosis may provide new treatments for cancer.”

Recent evidence suggests that HSB-1216 and related compounds can modulate intracellular iron homeostasis and induce cancer cell death, possibly via ferroptosis, and especially in drug resistant tumors. Iron is a central player in cancer progression and metastasis which is dysregulated in tumors. Certain cancer cells rely on an increased Labile Iron Pool (LIP) which fosters tumor growth, metastasis and relapse. HSB-1216 decreases the LIP in tumors and causes cell death by reducing the cancer cell’s access to iron. HSB-1216 is a novel and potent inducer of a powerful mechanism involving iron mediated cell death which has already shown clinical activity in a pilot clinical trial in solid tumors.

Randy Milby, CEO of Hillstream, stated, “Dr. Dixon is a great addition to our Scientific Advisory team and brings extensive experience and understanding of iron mediated cell death/ferroptosis.  He joins a superb group of world-class scientists on our Scientific Advisory Board as we advance Hillstream’s product pipeline.  We look forward to working more closely with Dr. Dixon.”

In addition to progressing the clinical product candidates, Hillstream also has a deep focus on understanding and progressing the scientific mechanisms underlying iron mediated cell death as well as cancer biology to which end Dr. Dixon joins a strong SAB with key members as below:

Name Institution
Donald Kufe, M.D. (Chair) Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Kwok-Kin Wong, M.D., Ph.D. NYU School of Medicine
Paul Richardson, M.D. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Surender Kharbanda, Ph.D. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Joseph Paul Eder, M.D. Yale University/Yale Cancer Center

About HSB-1216
HSB-1216, Hillstream’s lead compound, is a novel and potent inducer of an emerging anti-cancer mechanism, Iron-mediated Cell Death (IMCD). With iron’s central role in cell growth and metabolism, its dysregulation leads to cancer progression and metastasis. Cancer cells can rely on an increased labile iron pool (LIP) in the cytoplasm which fosters tumor growth and metastasis. HSB-1216 decreases the LIP in tumor cells by removing the excess free cytoplasmic iron used for uncontrolled and dysregulated. HSB-1216’s novel mechanism, IMCD also subsumes ferroptosis a novel regulated cell death pathway, which sequesters iron and leads to lysosomal membrane permeabilization of resistant cancer cells and cell death. Areas of interest for the development of HSB-1216 for the treatment of solid tumors, include triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) and other devastating and rare tumors.

About Hillstream BioPharma, Inc.
Hillstream BioPharma, Inc. is a biotechnology company developing novel therapeutic candidates targeting ferroptosis, an emerging new anti-cancer mechanism resulting in iron mediated cell death (“IMCD”) for drug resistant and devastating cancers. Our most advanced candidate is HSB-1216, an IMCD modulator, targeting a variety of solid tumors.  The active drug in HSB-1216 was found to be efficacious in a clinical pilot study in Germany in devastating cancers, including triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) and epithelial carcinomas. We intend to start a clinical study with HSB-1216 in 2022 to expand upon the existing early clinical proof-of-concept. We use Quatramer™, our proprietary tumor targeting platform, to enhance the uptake of HSB-1216 in the tumor microenvironment (“TME”) with an extended duration of action and minimal off-target toxicity. In addition, Trident Artificial Intelligence (“TAI” or “Trident”), our artificial intelligence precision medicine platform, is used to identify biomarkers in our clinical programs to target a specific patient segment most likely to benefit.  For more information, please visit tharimmune.com.

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