Quatramer is tumor-targeted platform with capacity to deliver drug and biologic combinations

Quatramer is a tumor targeting platform which allows us to leverage and exploit key tumor targets and novel emerging pathways such as IMCD to facilitate the delivery of potent drugs directly to the TME, while sparing healthy tissue. By efficiently extending the circulation half-life, as well as targeting delivery to the tumor site, Quatramer traps drugs into the TME. This emerging orthogonal anti-cancer approach utilizes a fundamental recognized mechanism of iron mediated tumor growth and metabolism. We are building a portfolio of long-acting, potent anti-cancer drug candidates using our Quatramer platform.

Quatramer based compounds with therapeutic cargoes from our product pipeline include DNA-based contents which hijack the tumor’s genetic code and kill the tumor from within by generating an array of cancer killing cytokines, such as TNF-alpha and potentially others. The platform’s tunability stems from the fact that the system can be modified and adjusted to deliver single or multiple ratios of payloads in order to optimize synergistic mechanisms of action in lower doses in order to eradicate rare cancers and treatment resistant tumors with minimal or no treatment options.

Quatramer Platform